The Body Control Pilates Association of Southern Africa


Upon certification, you will be invited to join the Body Control Pilates Association of Southern Africa (BCPASA). All members subscribe to a Code of Practice that governs professional ethics, teaching standards, class size (maximum twelve participants) and ongoing professional development. The BCPASA provides a range of services for members and actively promotes their contact details. Teachers are only allowed to use the Body Control Pilates trademark in connection with their classes if they are a member of the BCPASA and sign a licence agreement.

The BCPASA is a subsidiary membership body of Body Control Pilates Association headquartered in London. The main role of the BCPASA is to support all Body Control Pilates teachers in Southern Africa in their business and in their professional development. It also works to ensure that the integrity of the Pilates Method and the interests of Body Control Pilates students and teachers are protected as much as possible in any wider initiatives regarding standards for the Pilates industry.

All BCPASA members must work to a Code of Practice.

Body Control Pilates is a registered Trademark.