Body Control Pilates Matwork Teacher Training


Schedule of fees for 2015

Please contact the Body Control Pilates South Africa office for a full schedule of course fees, special offers and sponsored placements.

If you would like to sign up for the course please complete the enrolment form for the Teacher Training Course and send to us.

Terms and Conditions

  1. If you wish to take advantage of the Advance Payment option, please tick the box on your Enrolment Form.
  2. Please see the Enrolment Form for specific refund conditions relating to the Registration Fee.
  3. The Supervised Teaching element of your course cannot be commenced until all fees are paid in full.
  4. Course fees include one Practical Assessment, one written examination and one ‘Sign-Off Class’ at the Body Control Pilates South Africa Centre in Cape Town. Should you need to retake any of these elements, a ‘resit fee’ will be charged. Please contact the Body Control Pilates South Africa office for details.
  5. If it is agreed that a student takes their Practical Assessment or written examination at another location, or for medical reasons needs to take an oral examination in place of the written examination, a fee is payable by the student to the teacher overseeing the examination. Any requests in this respect must be submitted to, and approved by, Body Control Pilates South Africa course management.
  6. Please note that in the case of early retirement from the course, or of failure to attend the course once confirmation of a place has been given by Body Control Pilates South Africa and accepted by the student, all previously paid fees are non-refundable. Where a student has pre-paid course fees in full under the ‘Advance Payment Scheme’, fees are non-refundable if the student fails to attend the course without reasonable prior notification or in the case of early retirement during the tuition modules of the course.
  7. If you cancel your place on a course within 42 calendar days of the course start date, we reserve the right to apply a charge of R2 500.00.
  8. In the unlikely event that Body Control Pilates South Africa course management asks a student to leave a course, a consultation process will be initiated. Fees paid to that point in the course are non-refundable.
  9. By enrolling for this course, a student agrees not to teach any Pilates classes on a paid basis or to members of the public before gaining their certification, unless they hold a prior Pilates teaching qualification. Students will be asked to leave the course if they breach this agreement. No refund shall be given in these circumstances.
  10. Body Control Pilates South Africa operates a formal Complaints Procedure, with external redress, under which students may seek a hearing if they feel they have been unfairly treated in examinations or assessments.
  11. If a student has not received certification within two years of the commencement of their course, Body Control Pilates South Africa reserves the right to fail the student and to remove their name from the register of current students. Body Control South Africa operates a Student Mentor Scheme and makes every effort to ensure that all students are fully supported through the course.
  12. Fees for any future courses may be subject to amendment.
  13. All fee payments are receipted and are inclusive of any Awarding Body fees. Please let the Body Control Pilates South Africa office know in advance if pro-forma invoices are required.
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