A ‘must do’ course. The Intermediate Matwork course is the perfect bridging course for teachers working towards the more advanced exercises. It is designed to build on the knowledge and skills that teachers have learned from their Matwork Certification Course and provides an essential gateway to further development through other Body Control Pilates courses.  It is therefore one of the first courses that we recommend teachers to undertake once qualified.

The main element of this course introduces the Classical Matwork philosophy, providing a preparatory series of exercises and transitions that can be introduced into classes to add progession to clients. More importantly, it paves the way to understanding the structure and integrity of Joseph Pilates’ original work, essential in the development of a Pilates teacher.
Next Course: 29th to 30th July 2023
Location: Cape Town

The ‘Classical Mat’ is viewed by many Pilates enthusiasts as the essence of the Pilates Method. We believe that it forms a vital part in the development of a fully rounded Pilates teacher. Performing and understanding this work gives a teacher a sense of completeness and enlightenment with regard to the original method.
This course covers the Classical Matwork repertoire in its entirety, including transitions between exercises. It preserves the integrity of Joseph Pilates’ original work by maintaining the highly athletic and dynamic style of flowing movements. Through the way in which Body Control Pilates approaches the advanced work, participants are better able to assimilate this advanced work as they build upon the detailed movement knowledge gained from their previous matwork courses. Emphasis is placed on delivering this material safely, effectively and appropriately, so that it can be used by teachers to further their own personal development as well as that of their clients.
Next Course: 27th August 2023
Location: Cape Town

The Cadillac is an extremely versatile piece of studio equipment and an invaluable addition to any Pilates studio.This course focuses on perfecting the performance of a selection of basic, but highly usable, Cadillac exercises, along with the skills required to teach them effectively to clients.
All the Cadillac repertoire taught in this course can also be performed with a Tower.
Next Course: 25th to 26th August 2023
Location: Cape Town

The Reformer is the most popular piece of studio equipment and is usually the first item that teachers choose to train in and purchase. It is not only able to meet the evolving needs of existing clients, but can also be instrumental in attracting a new client base.

This course develops the skills needed to work with the Reformer effectively and safely, and forms the foundation for all studio equipment training courses in the Body Control Pilates Education Programme. Attendance on this course is a prerequisite for all other Body Control Pilates Studio Equipment Courses.

The course will run over 4 full days (3 sessions per day). Modules comprise both theory and practical work. Over 75 exercises and variations are covered, delivered with the detail and clarity needed to work with the specific needs of individual clients.
Next Course: TBC
Location: Cape Town
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