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Our success is based on our innovative approach to training in the Pilates Method. Our team of experienced tutors ensures that students have the benefit of a varied range of teaching styles built around the core curriculum. This has led to Body Control Pilates developing an unrivalled reputation for the quality of its course and the knowledge and competence of its graduate teachers.

By enabling students to train initially in matwork, Body Control Pilates has segmented its overall training programme into realistic - and affordable - stages. Students who wish to eventually train in machine work may do so after gaining their Matwork Certificate and will then have the added benefit of being able to use actual teaching experience as a foundation in their further training.


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I completed the Body Control Pilates Teacher Training Course in 2019 with Astrid Haupt of Body Control Pilates South Africa. I would highly recommend this course if you are interested in teaching Pilates or even if you want to learn more about Body Control Pilates and how it can benefit your body. I thoroughly enjoyed studying under Astrid and her colleagues and I found the course to be hugely informative and comprehensive. The modules are very well structured and remain true to the original teachings of Joseph Pilates himself. I truly believe Body Control Pilates is the best and the only Pilates course you should do. 
- Dara
(Body Control Pilates teacher)

"The human body is amazing and this course teaches you through movement just how amazing it really is. I am thoroughly enjoying this course."

- Tarryn
(Body Control Pilates student)

"Whether you would like to do this course for yourself, or as a career, Body Control Pilates is DEFINATELY the place to go. The course tutors are amazing and the content is taught so well, you will quickly learn the concepts and understand the exercises"

- Marizan
(Body Control Pilates student)
Body Control Pilates South Africa